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Helping you define your style

Fox & Gem Photography is dedicated to helping photographers develop their own styles, and to be confident using their artist voices. Our online workshops are interactive, challenging, and designed to help you think about your actions as a photographer more critically - from conceptualizing your sessions to camera settings, posing, styling, use of light, to post production and creative editing. Your time with us won't just elevated the photographer you are now - it will teach you to continue to challenge and push yourself and your art throughout your photographic journey.

Those joining us for online education will be added to the Facebook group specific to that workshop. After it has ended, you'll be invited to join our Workshop Attendee group, an exclusive FB community where we can support each other, continue to learn together, participate in monthly editing challenges, and learn about new content, gatherings, shoot-outs and workshops first.

Upcoming Workshops


Victoria, British Columbia - May 2023

only 3 spots available

The Fairytale Workshop


Our next online workshops dates will be announced mid-April, 2023

Definitive Workshop for Advanced Photographers
The Colour Concept

“Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph.”

The Fall Painterly Online Workshop and In-Person Retreat

Online Workshop October 4-8, 2022

In-Person Retreat hosted by Anna Triant Couture

October 27-28th 2022

in the beautiful Smoky Mountains in East Tennessee

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

1:1 Online Mentoring

Are there specific skills you are hoping to master? Let us guide you in a fully customizable 1:1 online session.

We are offering 2 hours and 4 hour sessions

Please contact us for available dates and times and to book.

Price: USD$ 500 for 2 hours or US$ 900 for 4 hours of instruction.


"Fox and gem photography are amazing , I just completed their painterly hybrid workshop both online and in person and also did the colour workshop . Their knowledge is superior in colour and they are the two most caring and patient teachers I have ever had. They want you to grow and succeed, the are beyond supportive and are their for you to learn and grasp the concepts . Their is ever a stupid question . I’ve been to many workshops and these two have brought my work to a whole new level . How they teach and support their students is truly special. I truly recommend them if you want to increase your skill levels in photography." S.G

"I have taken two workshops with Fox and Gem - The Colour Workshop and The Fall Painterly Workshop and Retreat. Tamara and Ammara are by far the best photography teachers I have ever had. They know everything there is to know about color theory, lighting, shooting, and editing, and they are happy to share all their knowledge with their students. I left both workshops feeling very inspired and with lots of new skills and ideas. The amount of preparation and work that they put into their teaching is truly amazing. I highly recommend taking any one of their workshops. My work has improved significantly under their guidance, and I am forever grateful to have been fortunate enough to learn from them." T.K

"I have never been to a photography retreat before so when I signed up for Fox and Gem’s Painterly Retreat I was very nervous and afraid I would feel overwhelmed. Now that I have completed it, I’m actually nervous that I will never find another photography retreat to top this one.  From the moment we arrived, you could tell how much thought Ammara and Tamara put into every detail. The location for the retreat was perfect and they chose the ideal time for year. The lodgings were amazing as were the other attendees, the models, the dresses designed for the models by Anna Triant, and the picturesque photography locations scouted by them. It truly was reflective of Tamara and Ammara, and their exquisite attention to detail in all things. They alleviated all my worries about attending because they are two of the most knowledgeable and patient teachers I have ever had. I feel like I learned so much from them from scouting, lighting, posing, and editing. I am inspired to go back and practice it all. And I feel like I formed friendships with other photographers to last a lifetime. The attendees were amazing and I plan on keeping in touch with everyone for a very long time. This truly was the best photography experience I have ever had and i can’t wait to sign up for anything else offered by them in the future." A.R

"The day I met Ammara and Tamara I was at my first Photographers retreat in Canada. From the first moment, they were so very approachable, and their knowledge of the art of photography is apparent in all their work. The minute I learned of the latest retreat, I knew I would be attending! When they teach, they don't overwhelm you with information, but rather feed it to you in a timely manner, so that your brain doesn't have to explode trying to remember everything. The group these ladies put together was outstanding! Not one of the attendees tried to lord their knowledge over the others, which is something unique with that many Uber talented photographers attending. I loved them all. I could go on for days writing about the wonderful job these ladies did, but I need to get some sleep! Thanks so much to the ladies who provided the best of everything! And Anna Triant, you truly outdid yourself!!" L.K

"I've been a big fan of the amazing work of Fox and Gem for some time, so when I had the opportunity to learn for Ammara and Tamara in their Painterly Retreat, I jumped on it. It's no small thing taking time away from work and family, not to mention the investment for this opportunity, but the experience was truly beyond worth it. The workshop was top notch in every way. Not only did I learn a great deal, but I left feeling inspired and my heart full from the new friendships that were made. I valued this experience so much that I've already signed up for Ammara and Tamara's Colour Theory Workshop next March. I'm still feeling the buzz of gratitude for this wonderful experience and the friendships made." H.F.H

"Well where do I start! The best thing I’ve done for myself and my business was attend this retreat. When my friend first mentioned it to me I thought ok let’s do this. After looking through their work and admiring the talent they have I couldn’t wait to get to to Tennessee. These two ladies put their heart and soul in this! Everything was perfect from the house, the food, to the classes. They are on spot when it comes to styling, lighting, color, shooting, editing, and using Anna’s dresses. What a blessing it was to experience this with such beautiful talented photographers who I now call lifelong friends. I truly believe God placed each one of us there because he knew we would all form a lasting friendship bond!

And what a fabulous location! Peak week in the Smoky Mountains! I was in awe of the colors and beauty Tennessee has! But most of all I thankful I attended and can’t wait till the next one! Highly recommend you attend."


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