of photography

Fox & Gem Photography is driven by an obsession with creating beautiful, timeless portraits, and capturing the bonds between people in unique and breathtaking ways.

We find inspiration from the great painters of the past, in mossy woods, in the twinkling of far off stars, in the nodding of fields of wildflowers, in the infectious carefree laughter of our children, in the roaring solitude of the ocean on a misty fall morning.

Our Philosophy

We believe that everyone is unique - and uniquely is how our portraits are captured. By using a 'less is more' philosophy, we offer image packages that are small in number, but every one is a hand-crafted work of art.

Are we the photographers for you?

Moody. Dark. Colourful. Rich. Styled. Dramatic.

These are words commonly used to describe our images. Why describe our work when we could let our photographs speak for themselves? Because we don't want you to hire us - unless you love our style and want it on your walls.

If you could time-travel - would you head to Picasso to sit for a painting if you really wanted a Monet portrait on your wall? You might. You might love Picasso's work. You might feel like because you love it, you should go get one done. But really, you want that Monet style family portrait on your wall. If you go to Picasso, you'll get a Picasso, and even though you love Picasso, you won't love your portrait. You'll feel frustrated, and disappointed, even though Picasso created a Picasso for you, because that's what Picasso paints. 

​If you want a huge light and airy family photo up on your living room, we're not the photographers for you. If you love our work, but it's not what you envision up on your wall, that's okay! Hiring a photographer isn't just finding work you like, it's finding a photographer who creates art that you want to represent you, and that you want to have hanging up in your home.