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Define Your Style

Ammara and Tamara are dedicated to helping photographers develop their own styles, and to be confident using their artist voices. Our online workshops are interactive, challenging, and designed to help you think about your actions as a photographer more critically - from conceptualizing your sessions to camera settings, posing, styling, use of light, to post production and creative editing. Your time with us won't just elevate the photographer you are now - it will teach you to continue to challenge and push yourself and your art throughout your photographic journey. Our goal is to create a space that forges friendships, inspires collaboration, and embraces the concept of community over competition.

Those joining us for online education will be added to the Facebook group specific to that workshop. After it has ended, you'll be invited to join our Workshop Attendee group, an exclusive FB community where we can support each other, continue to learn together, participate in monthly editing challenges, and learn about new content, gatherings, shoot-outs and workshops first.

The Fall Painterly Online Workshop and

In-Person Retreat

Online Workshop October 4-8, 2022

In Person Retreat October 27 & 28th in the Beautiful Smoky Mountains of East Tennessee


Upcoming Workshops

The Colour Concept Workshop

Spring 2022 - Online access starts May 18, with live online sessions on June 1st, 8th, & 18th


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The Definitive Workshop for Advanced Photographers

August, 2022 - A hybrid of on-demand lessons and

4 Live Sessions on Wednesdays - August 3 - 24th, 2022

Definitive Workshop for Advanced Photographers



for Evolving


Do you find yourself saying 'I'll fix it in post" after capturing an image or session? Then this course is for you! Our end goal is to have our students produce beautiful, technically solid images straight out of camera. This course covers the theory involved in understanding camera settings, allowing you to thrive under any lighting situations, troubleshooting common issues such as focus, noise, exposure issues, understanding lighting in outdoor and studio sessions, introductions to modifying light, posing, styling, editing (covering starting in LR/ACR and transitioning to using photoshop). We also look at conceptualizing images and developing your own style.

This class is structured as an on-demand course, with instructor support through a facebook group and group discussions available in the course content pages.

The Definitive Workshop for

Advanced Photographers

Designed for photographers who have a solid technical foundation, this instructor-led online workshop focuses on pushing your work to the next level while helping you discover and define how you express your work as a photographic artist. We will explore using external lighting outdoors, a range of studio lighting set ups and modifiers, advanced posing, how subject styling influences your images, post processing primarily by hand-editing in photoshop, and conceptualizing and developing ideas that will align with your photography vision.

This online workshop is limited to 12 participants.

This class includes weekly assignments and a one-weekly online live group - questions can be submitted before the session, and in the event you cannot attend, a replay will be available to watch.

The Colour


for Advanced Photographers

Our passion for understanding and purposefully using colour is close to our hearts. This intimate class, limited to 5 participants, covers the incredible intricacies of understand and working with colour. We will cover the psychology and the science of colour, examine how Master artists understood the way that colours interact with one another, and how they effect our images, and understanding how we can use this knowledge in our photographs. You will learn multiple tools and techniques for editing in photoshop - colour changes, grading, and toning, from subtle shifts to complete image transformations. We bring everything together to work through editing practical outdoor and studio sessions.

This class includes weekly assignments and a one-weekly online live group - in the event you cannot attend, a replay will be available to watch.


1:1 Online Mentoring

Are there specific skills you are hoping to master? Let us guide you in a fully customizable 1:1 online session.

We are offering 2 hours and 4 hour sessions

Please contact us for available dates and times and to book.


USD$ 500 for 2 hours or

US$ 900 for 4 hours of instruction.

“You don’t take a photograph, you make it.”

“Beauty can be seen in all things, seeing and composing the beauty is what separates the snapshot from the photograph.”

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